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Who are we?

Cromaresme based north of Barcelona, is specialized in the development of high added value coating systems with extremely innovative effects.

Cromaresme stands for innovation, agility and flexibility. With an extensive technical assistance and close collaboration with the customers, our R&D team creates custom solution adapted to our customer needs.

We belong to Roberlo Group which is an International family-run group specialized in the development and manufacturing of paints and related chemical products. After 50 years of success in different industrial sectors we are a global company, with 5 production sites and comercial presence in more than 120 countries.

Winning and maintaining your trust is our sole objective. And we believe that the best way to do this is by providing you with outstanding products and even better service by a highly professional and motivated team.

The main values of Cromaresme are the quality of the product (ISO 9001 and ISO 14001), the involvement of people and unique and special dedication given to each client.

We develop our activity in a natural environment, where it will be shown our respect for the environment. By clicking here you can read the company policy of Cromaresme.

How do you get it?

We work closely with the departments of research, development and innovation both our suppliers and our customers, allowing us stay up to date on cutting-edge technologies, more than to be able to design and produce paintings that they would mark the difference in the final result.

What do we do?

We design and manufacture high value-added paints.
Offering technologies that enable our customers to improve their products.
We have an own laboratory that allows Cromaresme introduce continuous innovations, providing the necessary equipment for a full approval of new products.
Our experience of over 60 years in the coatings industry has allowed us to consolidate the know-how needed to advise our clients on the latest trends and technologies in different markets.
The added value of Cromaresme consists of:

Development of new technologies in coatings (concurrent with leaders/suppliers engineering): Cromaresme is up to date in the new technological developments in resins and pigments to offer innovative solutions for the customer’s needs.

 Development of collections of colors with effects: with the help of our clients or the designers of color.

Formulation of coatings: based on the needs of the market are studied and developed products offering better results.

Proposals for improvements for our customers: optimization of costs of their products.

 As industrialization: optimization of Cromaresme production and the implementation of our products on the premises of customers.

Production and supply: optimization of production and delivery as well as a stock control that guarantee the supply.

Quickly in the incorporation of innovationss: in raw materials of the leading suppliers in the market.