Cromaresme is acquired by Roberlo

13 September, 2017
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Headquarters of the company in Girona.

We are pleased to announce that the chemical company Roberlo has acquired all of the activities of Cromaresme.

This agreement will allow Roberlo Group to strengthen its growth and diversification strategy while providing Cromaresme with greater resources and opportunities to develop in all sectors and technologies in which it is a clear reference point at national level.

With this operation, we will integrate the management and general industry laboratories in Riudellots de la Selva, under the Disolac brand, which will make it possible to focus the efforts of the Dosrius team on the development of paint for plastic and glass.

ROBERLO: from its origins to today


Main factory of Roberlo.

Roberlo, which is located in Riudellots de la Selva (Girona), is a family-run company that specialises in the development and manufacture of paints, repair solutions and fixing products in the automotive, industrial, construction and nautical sectors.

The history of Roberlo begins in 1968 as a personal project of Mr. Llorenç Juher, a project designed and carried out by a person who today would be defined as an entrepreneur.

Right from the start the company has been characterised by its constant quest for innovation, progressive improvements to products and manufacturing methods, and constant adaptation to environmental requirements.

The internationalization process that the company embarked upon in the 1990s has made of Roberlo one of the leading European manufacturers of products for several industrial sectors. Its fourteen subsidiaries and a commercial presence in more than 100 countries underline our global vision of the market.

In short, its history has been defined by our constant investment in technology, internationalization and uninterrupted growth.

The added value of Cromaresme

Agility and flexibility are undoubtedly two of the company’s strong points. Cromaresme specializes in designing custom painting systems and developing color collections with innovative effects. Its services include extensive technical assistance and close collaboration with the customer to develop each project together.

The company also has an outstanding team of color experts. The wide variety of needs in the motorcycle sector required the development of quality products with tinted clear coats, anodized effects (matt), special colors, coloring agents…and this know-how has been transferred to the automobiles and glass.

By joining Roberlo, Cromaresme increases its production and sales capacity, because it will form part of a highly international group that will offer its expertise to new markets where Roberlo is establishing itself, opening new horizons for both the company and its customers.

From this point forward, Cromaresme and Roberlo will join forces to seek solutions that are best suited to the needs of each customer, either with Cromaresme’s custom projects for plastic and glass, or in general industry with the Disolac line.

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